Beers to Bring to Your Holiday Parties

December 2nd, 2018

Let’s face it, the holiday season is hectic. Between gift buying, decorating, and sending out cards, it’s hard to find the time to make the right  beer selection for your holiday parties. Whether you’re meeting up for drinks, dinner, or dessert, here are our recommendations for the perfect beers to bring, so you can spend less time picking and more time partying.

Just Drinks

Our Rec: Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale & Southern Tier’s Crème Brûlée

If you’re picking up a few brews on the way to your friend’s house for holiday drinks, don’t be afraid to go big on flavor. Since you don’t have to worry about pairing, you can shamelessly go for that hoppy Double IPA or roasty stout. If you’re really feeling the holiday cheer, look for a spiced beer like a Christmas Ale that will leave you with a warm, happy, holiday buzz. Just be careful. These selections are delicious, but they tend to have a relatively high ABV.


Our Rec: Industrial Arts’ Metric & Community Beer Works’ Lets Go Pils

When it’s time for a holiday dinner with family or friends, try looking at the lagers. Guests who aren’t already avid craft beer drinkers will find the clean, crisp finish approachable and will feel at home with a Pilsner in hand. If your party is a bit more adventurous, serve an amber lager or a dunkel. These brews are darker in color with malt-forward flavors that won’t overpower your meal.


Our Rec: Southern Tier’s Cinnamon Roll, Jack Abby’s Graham Cracker, Big Ditch’s Make Me Wanna Shout

For dessert, serve a porter or a stout. These styles often have chocolate, coffee, caramel, or toffee notes. These flavors let you focus the pairing two ways. Either you can choose a beer with roasty notes to balance out the sweet flavors in your dessert, or you can lean toward the malty side for a more decadent experience.

Whatever the occasion, think local first, and ask a friend (like us) for a recommendation!