Our Top Wine Picks for Thanksgiving

November 20th, 2018

‘Tis an occasion to get tipsy. Turkey fortunately plays well with a variety of wines, but side dishes have very different flavor profiles. That’s why choosing a bottle to share around the table gets tricky. Luckily, we have a few recommendations for you.


Beaujolais Nouveau

This is a very young red wine (hanging on the vine 6 to 8 weeks earlier young). Every year, this is released just a week before Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a light, fruity, and zesty addition for your dinner table, this is it. A bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.

Pinot Noir

Our Rec: Domaine Brunet (Languedoc, France)

Thanksgiving is a meal of many flavors. Full-bodied wines tend to be overpowering, and that’s why choosing a light-bodied wine with versatility is a better bet during the holidays. A smooth Pinot Noir can help lighten up an otherwise heavy meal.


Our Rec: Bodegas Muriel Crianza Reservations (Rioja, Spain)

Turkey dinner brings sweet, spicy, and savory flavors to the table. A bottle of tempranillo pairs well with all of the above. This Spanish pour is earthy yet fruity and appropriately acidic. Its versatility makes it an excellent companion to such a complex meal.

Photo by Rachel Sweeney



Our Rec: Villa Wolf (Pfalz, Germany)

Gewürz literally means spiced, and this off-dry pour is becoming a recognized favorite on turkey day. Maybe it’s because the seasonal spices remind us of pie. Maybe it’s the wine/stuffing combo we love. Perhaps, it’s both.


Our Rec: Catena Vista Flores (Mendoza, Argentina)

Chardonnay is a classic food-friendly choice. But come Thanksgiving, hold the oak. Your holiday spread is flavorful enough, so you’re better off with a lightly oaked or unoaked variety come November 22.


Our Rec: Zardetto (Prosecco, Italy)

A splash of sparkling is simply cheersable. Everyone loves to raise a glass of this iconic sparkling beverage during the holidays. The right bottle is much more than an aperitif, and pairs perfectly with the main course too.

All of these bottles are available in our wine shop for only $25. Stop in and we’ll send you off with a crowd pleaser or two.