Wine & Chocolate Pairings for You and Your Sweetheart

February 6th, 2019

Wine is romantic. Chocolate is romantic. Together, they are a dynamic duo. The only downside is that pairing can be challenging.

The golden rule? Think red first! Red wine and chocolate just go together. They really really do. Also, consider how sweet, rich, heavy, and creamy the chocolate is when pairing the two. 

Milk Chocolate

Our Rec: Valle Dell’Acate Frappato Vittoria (available by the bottle: $40)

Did you know cocoa beans are fruity? Aka chocolate naturally pairs well with a fruity red wine. A hunk of creamy milk chocolate is heavenly by itself, so choose a ripe, sweet, and light wine to complement the rich, creamy flavors. We recommend reaching for a Ruby Port, light-bodied Pinot Noir, or even a fruit-forward Merlot.

Dark Chocolate

Our Rec: Foxglove Zinfandel (available by the bottle: $40)

You need to focus on balancing the bitterness, and that’s what makes dark chocolate pairings particularly tricky. Full-bodied wines are your best bet when pairing with dark and bittersweet chocolates. We recommend a bold, fruity wine that’s low in tannins and not super dry or acidic. Zinfandels, Ports, and Sherry are popular picks!

White Chocolate

Our Rec: Dom Brunet Pinot Noir (available by the glass at the bar: $9)

This one’s the wild card. White chocolate is the most accommodating as far as pairings go. A super-sweet white chocolate pairs well with an ultra-dry red wine as well as very sweet ice wine. Pinot Noir works because the chocolate brings out the wine’s red cherry, strawberry, and raspberry notes. On the sweeter side, a port or sherry is a perfect match.

A One-Stop Pairing Shop

Everyone’s wine and chocolate pairing preferences are a little bit different, so don’t be afraid to make your own matches. You can grab a bottle of vino and a box of chocolates here at Alchemy thanks to our pop-up partnership with Park Edge Sweet Shoppe!