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Monthly Wine Clubs

At Alchemy Wine Shop we offer three tiers of monthly wine clubs to help you wet your weekly whistle. Each month, we’ll choose three small batch wines for you to enjoy throughout your busy month. We’ll share with you why what makes them different as well as what’s special about their terroir and growers. These selections are exclusive only to Alchemy Wine Shop club members and curated specifically for you to enjoy. Wines are available for pick up any day we’re open during the first week of every month at Alchemy Wine Shop. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder when your order is ready for pick up!

What you get each month:


$50 / month

This is the wine club for the blossoming wino. You know a little bit about wine (like, the fact you like to drink it), but you tend to gravitate towards the same brands often and need a little bit of help checking out some other options. We’re here to gently guide you on a new wine journey from vineyard to table. Like any good story this wine club will be an adventure. You’ll be a sommelier before you know it!

Business Class

$75 / month

Grape vines that struggle tend to result in better quality grapes. It’s a bit like people. We like to think that we are all struggling for something better; even if today that is the hunt for your next beautiful bottle. In this wine club we’ll help you dominate the world of wine one bottle at a time. Each month Alchemy Wine Shops owners and certified sommeliers will personally curate three bottles of high quality wine for your table. When your energy is focused and intentional, just like a grape vine, beautiful things are created.

First Class

$100 / month

The story of wine is the story of place. It’s a unique reflection of the geography, topography, soil, climate and most importantly, people, of its origin. You know this because you know your wine well, but you’re always looking for new ways to taste and explore the beautiful juices of the earth. This wine club will help you explore the story of place and why it matters in the wine you choose to drink. A sensory adventure of handmade place driven wines brought to your table each month to share with the important people in your life.

Stem Club Membership


One time purchase. Renew here!